Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rumor: Atari to Announce Phil Harrison Pick-Up on Monday?

A source very close to Atari has stated that an announcement from Atari's top brass is expected this Monday morning.

It's also been said that Atari boss David Gardner, and Phil Harrison, former SCEE Vice President, are on the same flight to New York for Monday.

Could Phil Harrison be joining the company? We will let you know on Monday.

[Atari announcement on Monday morning: Phil-ing lucky?]


incredibilistic said...

If this "source" is legit and Atari is making an announcement on Monday then I'd say it's pretty clear that it's Phil.

Why else would Atari make ANY sort of announcement especially as it relates to upper management? And since it was already rumored that Phil was heading for Atari this seems less like a possibility and more like an eventually reality.

Good luck Phil.

Anonymous said...

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