Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ace Combat 6 Coming to PLAYSTATION 3 This Year?

The recent issue of UK PLAYSTATION 3 magazine, PSM3, contains a featured titled "2008 Year of the PLAYSTATION 3".

Among the games listed was Ace Combat 6: "Japan's favourite dogfighting series returns with a new made-up war, a brace of superweapons (best is the asteroid cannon), online co-op, and a custom controller for superfans."

It's hard to say it's a typo due to the fact that there is a descrption, picture, and game title. Could PSM3 possibly know something we don't? Could Namco Bandai be planning to announce Ace Combat 6 for the PLAYSTATION 3? We will find out soon enough.

[Rumor: Ace Combat 6 Flying to PS3 In 2008?]


Anonymous said...

long time ago atari confirmed Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation for PS3.

read about it last september :)

Anonymous said...

It's common sense to release this on PS3 at the very least for the Japanese sales. Due to timed-exclusivity agreements many of these games can't be announced yet.

However, news of Ace Combat, Katamari and Eternal Sonata coming to PS3 leaked at around the same time last year.

In addition to the above three games, Tekken 6, Nobi Nobi Boy and Soul Calibur IV are all due out this year.

A new RPG (Tales of Vesperia?), new shooter and new sports game (Smash Court Tennis 3?) are due to be announced for PS3 this year too. Tales and SCT3 would probably make it out by the years end.

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