Saturday, February 2, 2008

Codemasters Backs PLAYSTATION 3 Ten-Year Cycle

If your not one to beleive Sony Computer Entertainment when they say the PLAYSTATION 3 will last a decade while most last for six or so years, then you should listen to Codemasters.

Rod Cousens, CEO of Codemasters tells us not to take Sony lightly. He beleives the PLAYSTATION 3 will last ten strong years and feels that the momentum is building up with this years hot new titles.

“I certainly think it’s premature to dismiss Sony because I believe that they’re only now showing signs of ramping up and that shouldn’t come as any surprise to people given the trail of to be released dates of Wii and 360 and given the price points that they were coming in at, and given the lack of software supporting the format. I believe all those ingredients are starting to merge and I would expect Sony to have real momentum over the coming years." Rod Cousens told

Good to see Codemasters agrees with Sony, and so do we.

[Cousens: Don’t Dismiss Sony in Ten-Year Cycle]


incredibilistic said...

While few will argue that it wasn't a gamble Sony's decision to include the Blu-ray player is paying off and is one of the reasons why the 10-year plan is more than lip service.

Even with DLC people demand a certain amount of gameplay from their store bought disc. This means more information which requires space. Blu-ray can handle that without question.

If it's a matter of uncompressed audio Blu-ray's got that covered too. High-res textures? Check. Pretty much every advantage that Blu-ray brings to movies is applicable in games.

Along with many of us Codemasters is starting to see that Sony wasn't blowing smoke with a 10-year plan. Now if only they could give us updates that don't seem to take 10 years to make would be great ;)

Anonymous said...

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