Tuesday, February 5, 2008

EA Developer: PLAYSTATION Network Has "all the capabilities"

Matt Turner, assistant producer of EA Montreal's upcoming Army of Two, says that he fully support the PLAYSTATION Network. He did, however, admit that he experienced quite a pain with the young network.

Many people refer to Xbox Live as the superior online service due to it's in game friends list access, universal game invites, integrated profiles, and such. Turner says, however, that PSN "has all the capabilities".

"There are extra challenges [with PSN] just because the PS3 is newer to our team so we've had to work through some growing pains, getting used to a whole new system of development," Turner told us.

"But it has all of the capabilities, it's just that at the moment we have more experience on the Xbox."

He says that such as Burnout Paradise, you will be able to send game invites, access your friends list, in Army of Two.

"We have friends lists accessible during the game, you can send invites and your friends can join you - it's as easy as doing it on Xbox Live," he promises.

The PLAYSTATION Network will eventually catch up. With in-game XMB sooner than ever (they said 2008 for sure), universal game invites hopefully on the way as well, and the anticipated PLAYSTATION Home, it can only get better.

[EA dev: PSN has "all the capabilities"]


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