Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Netflix Coming to the PLAYSTATION 3?

Supposedly, a new Netflix survey thats been going around has been suggesting the service may arrive on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

The survey supposedly asks "If as part of your Netflix membership you could instantly watch movies and TV episodes on your TV with your PS/3 or XBOX 360, how likely would you/anyone in your household be to do that?" Then it goes on to say that both consoles can play streaming media by using a special Netflix disc, with no extra fees besides a $3 charge for the disc.

Netflix lovers, make a wish.

[Netflix coming to Xbox 360 and PS3?]


xbandaidx said...

Nope, streaming media has artifacts, and that would annoy me beyond belief. I wouldn't join this service, I'll stick to the actual discs.

Now if they could stream something without artifacts, then maybe but that would mean everyone would have Japan-level internet speeds.

incredibilistic said...

I may consider this kind of service but only if it's from Blockbuster since I already have a subscription.

Also, I'm a bit disappointed that we don't already have something like this from Sony yet. Sony should be spearheading this kind of service instead of having a bunch of outside companies do this stuff.

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