Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SCEA: "No Plans" for Silver PLAYSTATION 3 in the US

Of course, every time Japan gets something new, we need to ask "what about us?" Well, after that it's time to go to the source of our location.

Sony Computer Entertainment America stated that they "have no plans for a silver PS3 in North America at this time". So there we have it. This probably means we will get it a few months to a year after Japan.

[Silver PS3 For US? SCEA Have "No Plans"]


incredibilistic said...

I guess the white $299 PS3 was a wet dream.

Too bad, a white one would've been cool.

If history is anything to go by we won't see a different color PS3 in the states until the PS4 is on the way. Since both the PS2 and PS3 were black my guess is that the PS4 will be black also (why break the trend) and then we'll see a white, or silver, or blue, or plaid PS3.

At this point Sony needs to focus on securing release dates for Killzone 2 and LPB, not spray painting the PS3 and hoping it gets more sales due to a new color.

ns said...

lies.. all lies. :P i bet it'll come later. they just don't like revealing info early

Anonymous said...

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