Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Well, we are just minutes away from one of the biggest events of the year, and I bet just about every guy in the United States is sitting in front of their TV set right now.

The New York Giants are playing the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl XLII. Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win? We will hit you back with news after the game is over.

Enjoy the big game!

Update: Well my readers, Super Bowl XLII is officially over and the New York Giants are the champions (yes, my house is jumping). The final score was NYG 17 to NE 14. The play that got the Giants their winning score was really quite amazing, especially all the just hit first downs they received before that. Alas, the Patriots were not able to come back in the 30 little seconds they had left. And that last miss they threw killed all chances for them.


incredibilistic said...

This is bad. I'm watching the biggest game of the year and I'm still checking for PS3 news.

But it's good to know that you've posted something on the game so good on ya' mate.

I'm a Ravens fan so I can just enjoy the game not care about the winner but I had to pick a team it would be the Pats just for the fact that they'll be making history.

As I type this the Patriots have the ball for the first time and the offense is doing great. Defensively NY wants to get the ball back since the Pats can't seem to stop hold them to punt.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya dude, the NYG are doing horribly on defense and offense.

incredibilistic said...

I was barely paying attention when I was typing but what I meant to say was the NYG is actually doing very well on defense. They're getting to Brady easily as the Pats is not doing a good job of protecting their QB.

If nothing else it's a good game although the Halftime Show was kind of a sleeper. I was doing dishes while Tom was singing. Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Petty but he's just too, well, soft for a Super Bowl appearance.

incredibilistic said...

HOLY CRAP! As I write this there's only 51 seconds on the clock and NYG has the ball.

Win or lose the play of the game is when Manning got out of the sack and launched it to get them within 25 yards of a TD!

Like most other sports, all the action is in the 4th quarter.

Great game!

incredibilistic said...

And just like that the Patriots perfect season is over!!!

The only way this goes any further is if the Patriots either run it back from the return or get it down field enough to take the game into OT with a field goal.

I was actually rooting for the Pats because it would've been amazing to see a team have a perfect season. Oh well, good try Pats.

I actually feel pretty bad for them. Their whole season with no losses only to eat it in the biggest game of the season.

bronxbomber2313 said...


onADMIN said...

Pretty good to see the Pats finally get beaten. I've had a grudge on them since they beat my favorite team, The Eagles back in '04 I think it was. Also glad to see the Giants win, considering I reside in NY.

incredibilistic said...

Brady had the worst game of his career out there today.

What's worse was the Patriots offensive line. They completely suck! How the heck does a team with a line like that have a perfect season? It wasn't until the final 5 minutes did they seem to wake up and think that they may want to start covering Brandy.

The Patriots also had several chances to upset the Giants with interceptions but they couldn't keep their hands on the ball.

Actually, both teams didn't play all that well but the Giants played the best despite small errors.

This game will go down in history as arguably the most spectacular game and spectacular loss in the history of football.

NyghtcrawleR said...

Actually the score was 17-14 not 12 but who cares. Giants won!

onADMIN said...

Ah, my bad, was a bit excited.

incredibilistic said...

Don't worry about the score being wrong. Like the Patriots' season, no one will really remember the score, only that the Giants won the game in the biggest upset in NFL history.

NyghtcrawleR said...

And that my friend is why I said who cares. Ive been a Giants fan my whole life. I believed when nobody else gave the Giants a chance. Now I'm ready for the onslaught of bandwagon Giants "fans" to appear. This win was for the true fans.

Anonymous said...

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