Saturday, February 9, 2008

Teenager Burns Church/School and Brags About it on GameFAQs

Well, we have a sad story here tonight. A teenage in Palmyra, MO went online to GameFAQs using the name "JediKnight12345" one day to ask fellow gamers a question in the current events board. The question "Should I burn down this Church/School?" They all took it as a joke, and a moderator of the site deleted the topic. However, several days later, he posted again on the site, showing pictures of the burning church and school. Responsible forum members alerted news station WPEG after seeing what the teen has posted and he was later arrested. What sickens me is that the had the nerve to do it and tell publicly what he did without feeling a bit of regret. Sick children.

[Suspected Church Arsonist Brags On GameFaqs Forums]


Snake! said...

he doesnt feel bad 'cause he was looking for attention

Anonymous said...

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