Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tony Hawk 10 To Be Different

Some Activision represenatives explained today that the next Tony Hawk game is going to change. When EA's skate was released, it outsold Tony Hawk 2:1 with many players converting to the new IP.

"We need to step up innovation," stated one Activision executive. The innovation for skate was the joysticks and the new way of playing the game. What will Tony Hawk 10's be?

[Tony Hawk 10 to Change]


incredibilistic said...

Normally putting too much realism into extreme sports games is a bad idea but "skate" played a lot better than the last Tony Hawk.

I don't think the game will ever repeat the success it had during the TH3's and 4's of yesteryear.

I was never a huge TH fan but the last few games haven't been all that great. Hopefully they do something to invigorate the series and making it special again.

Eddie said...

what will tony do? copy.

SkaterGeek said...

I think the Hawk series kinda lost it's way a long time ago.

We wanted skating, not climbing, skitching cars and jumping buildings!

Keep it real for the next one please!
Skateboarding in a technological age..

Anonymous said...

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