Sunday, March 23, 2008

Firmware 2.20 to Allow Blu-Ray to PSP Copy

We already know that PlayStation 3 update 2.20 will bring along Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 along with some other new features, but a new article from PC World has revealed one more feature.
The new firmware will come with "Portable Copy", which will allow PlayStation 3 users to copy a standard-definition version f the Blu-Ray movie they have inserted. Then you can transfer it to your PSP. This was a feature revealed back at CES 2008, and it's almost here.

[PS3 Firmware Update Enhances Blu-ray Capabilities]


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see Sony expanding the PS3 and PSP features butI don't mean to be negative or anything but why would you want to copy a standard def movie to the PSP? Why bother when you could watch it on the PS3 high res, uncompressed glory. Personally this doesn't seem worth it since I only watch a movie at the most twice and if you had a huge collection of blu rays thats alot of space being wasted.

incredibilistic said...

This update is for movie lovers that want to watch their favorite movies on the go. Personally I would love to be able to watch 300 anywhere I wanted via my PSP.

I know my wife would love this too. She likes to take my PSP when she has long road trips with friends (by long I mean an hour or less) or at her job when during lunch. Being able to watch a concert or movie we have on DVD would be great. I know it'll force me to invest in a bigger Memory Stick or at least get another one just for movies.

The other great thing is that you could probably just as easily delete the movie you have on there and copy another film. However, if the process is like an hour then it may not be as simple a process but if it's quick it'd be a great way to carry around a movie without having to own the UMD version (in other words more $$$)

Anonymous said...

"But first, let's try to nail the facts: a PSP-formatted Blu-ray movie will eat as much as 1 GB of memory space and will be encoded at the PSP's best quality thresholds - that's using the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format. Transfers are currently limited via high-speed USB port transfers using a standard USB A-to-B male-male cord, but offer just 3 - 5 minutes of waiting time."

3-5 minutes.

BD-Live and Portable Copy were both demonstrated on PS3 at CES in January so maybe these will come together in 2.20.

eda said...