Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: OXM Multiplayer Preview

Here comes yet another multiplayer preview for Grand Theft Auto IV. There is a lot to read, so read, imagine it, bash your head against the wall for having to wait 33 more days, then love it.

  • In all multiplayer modes entire Liberty City is available (Host sets what area people respawn at this is the main battle area but you can go anywhere).
  • Your online character can be male or female.
  • The money you get determines you rank online.
  • You get money by killing people.
  • Host can set how the game chat works (everyone hears you, only teams can hear eachother, or proximity chat).
  • In race mode anything goes (you can use helicopters, boats, or even run across finish as long as your first you win).
  • Shooting and driving is fairly difficult (as it should be).
  • Hangmans NOOSE is 4 players and starts at airport where you must take Kenny Petrovic to safe zone in city while persuade by the NOOSE team (National Organization of Security Enforcement).
  • You can skip rockets across the ground if aimed correctly.
  • Free roam is just that: no rules, no cash, host decides weapons.
  • OXM believed that free roam will be Grand Theft Auto IV's app and said it was incredible fun and will last for years and years they believe.
  • Jeronimo Barrera, a senior developer at Rockstar, says it takes testers playing 4 hours a day "a good 2 weeks to get through the whole single-player game".
  • Rockstar's Steve Hahnel says the ambition of Grand Theft Auto IV is the reason the game was delayed. Multiplayer was one of the main things responsible for the delay. Gameplay needed to be balanced, and "an authentic Liberty City had to be created for 16 players to explore and destroy simultaneously."
  • In multiplayer, as stated previously, the host gets to decide on a number of options such as weather, vehicle types, spawn location, etc. The host also gets to decide if auto-aim can be used.
  • Health, armor and cash pickups are available during multiplayer. The cash determines your online rank - from 0 to 10. Kill people and steal their money to boost your online credibility.
  • You can wander anywhere during multiplayer, but if you die you will respawn in the area that the host has set.
  • You can't play as Niko during multiplayer, but you can create your own character (male or female) using different clothing.
You can view the scans of the multiplayer mode (with actual new screenshots) at the link.

[OXM Multiplayer preview]


incredibilistic said...

Rockstar's Steve Hahnel says the ambition of Grand Theft Auto IV is the reason the game was delayed. Multiplayer was one of the main things responsible for the delay.

Finally the REAL reason why GTAIV was delayed!!! Not that the PS3 was too hard to develop for. I knew that was a steaming pile of s*** from the beginning. If the PS3 was truly the reason behind the delay then they should've released the 360 version last year and the PS3 version this year, but no, the real reason was because the game needed more time in the oven. And EVERYONE will benefit from the extra time.

I'm not saying they didn't have any struggles with the PS3 hardware but to suggest that the PS3 was one of the major factors is just plain wrong.

Shame on Rockstar for blaming our favorite system but I'm DEFINITELY buying this game. And maybe with all the online play sessions to look forward to maybe missing the extra DLC won't matter.

Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I just hope it WORKS. No matter the platform, a lot of online games have been downright broken lately.

incredibilistic said...

True, true. Not getting the DLC (well, at least not right away) is bad enough but if the online has trouble from day one then it'll be adding insult to injury. Meanwhile the 360 version will probably have no problems at all.

I don't know what Sony is doing but they need to start schmoozing and boozing and getting developers/publishers laid so they're not treating the PS3 like an afterthought when it comes to making sure the game runs flawlessly.

I'm not 100% sure but I think this will be Rockstar's first online game. If nothing else it'll be the first time they open up the GTA world to, well, the world so to some extent I'd expect a few problems. But like misery loves company I'm hoping that if there are online problems that it's across the board and not just on the PS3.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, if anyone has ever played the original gta 1 or 2, top down, the multiplayer was awesome, it only went wrong in gta 3 onwards, but looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

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