Monday, March 10, 2008

Rumor: Is This the New PlayStation Store Design?

Our answer, no it is not. A rumor started after an anonymous tipster sent this into Kotaku. We are posting this to tell you that it is not the real revamp. Like a commenter said, the Photoshopper put a user-made HAZE theme on the bottom row. That means, this probably isn't true. There is another custom made theme up top as well.

[Is This The New PlayStation Store?]


Shibbs said...

Plus, the dollar sign is always to the left of the numberic value, looks as though it may have been someone in europe may have made this since the symbol for pounds is to the right of the numeric value.

incredibilistic said...

While it's a good attempt at a possible look into the future of the PSN Store there's no way this is anything but a fanboy's wet dream.

Like "shibbs" said, the dollar sign is on the wrong side but beyond that the graphics are pretty cheesy. While the new PSN logo is nice I doubt Sony will just drop the shopping bag logo. And even if they did they probably wouldn't layout the "Playstation Store" text with all kinds of heavy drop shadows. Speaking of which, there are drop shadows EVERYWHERE on this page.

Hopefully Sony will release something soon so it will stop the fanboy's from defacing what will probably be a really great interface.

Anonymous said...

We are only a month away. =]

Dougie said...

@shibbs, in UK the format is: £80, the Euro on the other hand is like 80€

Anonymous said...

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