Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rumor: New Tidbits on Eight Days and The Getaway 3

In a supposed chat with one of the developers at Sony Computer Entertainment Studio Soho & London, the developer revealed some tiny information on a few anticipated titles.

  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's London track is using assets taken from The Getaway 3.
  • Designer reckons The Getaway 3 looks a little better than the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue London track, only on a bigger scale. Essentially The Getaway 3 will look similar.
  • When quizzed about how this was possible, he merely stated that it's easier to manage when you don't have to worry about 60fps or 1080p.
  • The Getaway 3 will run at 720p and 30fps.
  • This time around The Getaway will focus more on crime/thriller suspense.
  • Eight Days is coming along very well. First proper public showcasing of gameplay will be this summer.
  • Eight Days will not be quite as revolutionary as some have mentioned, but will have numerous innovations.
  • Designer reckons Eight Days looks so good, he wouldn't be surprised if it gets 10's from reviewers for visuals.
  • Eight Days and Getaway 3 are visually quite different, namely in contrasting art styles.
  • When asked which game of the two he thought looked better, he said he thought The Getaway 3 looked "a little bit better", but that both looked fantastic.
  • He also mentioned what kind of mock scores early play tests of Eight Days had been getting. Ranging from 8.5 - 9's for gameplay and 10's for visuals. But said he wouldn't go in to much detail or blow his trumpet, as we could decide for ourselves later this year. I'll take that as a hint the game is being released later this year. But he didn't budge on the subject.
For now, we will classify this as a rumor, due to the fact we have no idea whether this user is telling the truth or not.



Anonymous said...

Damn all this excitement, I'm going to pee myself.

incredibilistic said...

With so many good games coming out this year they may want to save these two games for 2009. But then again we'll also have God of War III to look forward to as well as Final Fantasy XIII.

Having The Getaway in there could be good in the event it's not great we'll have the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

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