Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SCEE Speaks on Leaked European PlayStation Network List

Sony UK issued a statement today regarding the list of PlayStation Network titles that was leaked yesterday. In the leak, many new titles and pieces of add-on content appeared, such as a LAIR add-on, or the Ratchet: Quest for Booty game/add-on. New things appeared such as something called The Last Guy.

Sony did not confirm or deny whether the list is genuine. They just state the information on it is subject to change.

"Internal working documents naturally have proposed dates against titles, but these change frequently and dates are not confirmed until issued as part of a press release or formal announcement," the statement reads. "The same applies to titles of games, which may be working titles or placeholders subject to later confirmation.

"As a result, no weight should be given to titles or dates that appear in this document, other than to those which have already been formally confirmed."

Seems we cannot ask them what any of the new content is either. "We will not be commenting on any title mentioned that has not already been confirmed and/or given an official launch date." I guess we will have to wait.

[Sony talks leaked PSN list]


incredibilistic said...

When you think about the leaked list is kind of useless. It's nice to see that things are on the way but I'd expect that considering Sony must do well this year regardless of the Blu-ray win.

Also, if Sony's known for anything it's delays so we'd only be setting ourselves up for disappointment if we expected Sony to stand by their word on these printed dates. Like any Excel spreadsheet, these figures and dates can be changed at the drop of a hate.

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