Monday, March 3, 2008

Sony: In-Game Communication to Arrive in the Summer

For those of you wondering when we will get in-game XMB, I think we finally have an answer. Sadly, it's not a good one. In an interview with SCE UK Boss, Ray Maguire, he tells us that in-game communication will arrive in a firmware update during the summer.

“Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4 and the strongest line-up of games through our third party partners and our own studios. I’d personally like to thank our trade and business partners for helping us on the start of the PS3 journey.”
There you have it, straight from his mouth. Looks like we have quite a bit of waiting to do.

[Sony hails retail as PS3 hits 1m]


incredibilistic said...

While it's good to have some sort of timetable I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm a bit pissed by all this.

What's with the In-Shirt XMB t-shirts then? I just knew that was the beginning of a formal announcement at the GDC but instead we get nothing.

Now we have to wait until the summer? Can we get a little more info than that? Are we talking the middle of May or the end of August? And what's to say they won't delay that until September or something?

This is B3YOND frustrating (yeah, I went there).

Shibbs said...

I agree, while it's nice to have confirmation (how vague it may be), it's still, too little too late sort of stuff happening here. summer 08' will be (saying it's may) exactly one and a half years after the PS3 was released, that's why too long for something so big to be implemented.

also, the picture, is it a valued pic, or fan made, cause i like the gamerscore, not the button navigation though.

NyghtcrawleR said...

thats fanmade...

Anonymous said...

The picture is defiantly fanmade. Just look at the controller charge status and worst of all no friends list!

Anonymous said...

That image was from a GameInformer wishlist for Sony last year stupids.

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