Sunday, March 16, 2008

Upcoming Site: Donations Equal Hosting

If you look to your left (clickie!) you'll see another image of the new site we will be launching as we close this site's doors. As you know from previous posts, the title will be revealed upon the sites opening, but this time we wrote "Title??" so we could show you the style the new logo is written in. Anyway, we've been up since August 2007 and have been updating you daily since with the latest news in gaming. Now, we need your help.

As you know, the new site isn't going to be free like our current Blogger hosted site is. The host we are going to use (known as DreamHost) has a very good plan that includes 5 TB of bandwith and 500 GB of storage that automatically increase each week. Their yearly plan weighs in at about $120.00. We are not all that big on money. As you may or may not know, we are the average person just like you.

We've had the Donate button on our sidebar for sometime now and nobody has donated. That is fine, but now we need it more than ever. Please, help us so we can continue being the one of the best PlayStation gaming sites on the net.


Boberman said...

Thanks for running this blog but to have to pay for a game site isn't worth it. There are to many other sources that are free to make it worth while.

incredibilistic said...

I disagree with boberman. The reason other sites are "free" is because they have companies posting banner ads on their site that are paying to be on that site.

Those companies are now (basically) partial owners of that site as they have stock in how their products are perceived on the site and what the writers can and cannot say on the site. Outside of making sure they don't drop an F-bomb advertisers can also dictate other things, like reviews.

Ever heard of a little site called We all know what happened there. They were accused of changing review scores for Kane & Lynch and even fired one of their guys because of it. Since then people have been dropping like flies from that site.

If this site does eventually get some advertisers I can only hope that it will retain the integrity of getting the news to us fast and free from company filters that might otherwise block content for one reason or another.

Anyway, I plan on donating just as soon as my PayPal account has confirmed my transfer of funds from my bank account to PayPal.

Boberman said...

That is why you look at multiple reviews. Metacritic helps with that. And metacritic is free.

And in all honesty some people like games more then others. IGN folklore reviwe the guy loved the game mroe then anyone else. Does it mean tis a bad review, no the review just realy liked the game. And on teh opisite side lair. The review couldn't grasp the conrtols. Giving teh game a much lower score then anyone else. Bad review, no just personal preference like every other review on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I think I will donate too, I want to help too this site get bigger and succeed.

incredibilistic said...

To boberman:

It's not just about the reviews. It's very possible for companies to dictate how the site reports certain information (to skew in their favor) and the like.

Like an official site there may be things they HAVE to do in order to keep their funding.

Other sites that are "free" are that way only because they're owned by a huge conglomerate company. Kotaku, who are seemingly open to say just about anything (but seem to have a certain love/hate relationship with the PS3) is under a HUGE umbrella of blog sites.

Unfortunately OnAxis isn't under the same huge umbrella. I'd be proud to say that my money helped fund the site to keep the site going and make it better.

No one will hate you if you don't donate but if you're a regular it seems only fair to give them a hand.

Anonymous said...

[b]incredibilistic[/b] I agree in that.

I used to have a full paid membership with gamespot, but I ended up wisting my money and not getting something back worth the paying.

P$IDFROTHY21 said...

I visit this site all the time I dont have a paypal account but I love this site more than IGN Gamespot,etc. Is there another way to donate?

onAXIS said...


We wouldn't want you to go through any trouble if you cannot donate through PayPal. Don't worry about it.

@ Incredibillistic & Kaddas

Thank you very much for your support.

P$IDFROTHY21 said...

Oh well If there was a way I would donate. You guys do a great job on this site better than many. Most of the time you get information first props to onaxis.

Anonymous said...

That really isn't a lot of money, esp. considering you are running ads. If you can't figure out how to pay for hosting (btw, I've paid out of my pocket for Dreamhost hosting for 3 years and I'm an average college student... not rich, but rent instead of buy a couple of next-gen games and *bam*, you have the money), I personally don't think you have the wherewithall to run a website.

yencid said...

i personally would donate money regularyly if i had a paypal
i love this site and it IS my gaming news site the only other place i go to is gametrailers and thats cus its videos not news

Anonymous said...

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