Thursday, March 6, 2008

US April 2008 PTOM Grand Theft Auto IV Preview Details

The latest issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine features a preview of Grand Theft Auto IV just as all the other magazines you'll see this April 2008. Lets get straight to the breakdown.

  • Entering an unlocked borough will instantly put the player on a 5-star wanted level and the fiction behind this is, Niko doesn't have a naturalization papers and is considered as a terrorist threat.
  • Pedestrians seemingly have thousands of lines of dialogue.
  • When asked about how the game begins, VP of development Jeronimo Barrera says, "It sets up your position as an immigrant."
  • The cast of characters is guesstimated at being in the hundreds by Barrera.
  • Barrera states "We want this game to last for years. I'm sure we'll do another GTA some time in the future, but this one is built to last." They also mention that the PS3 will most likely have their own form of DLC as well.
  • Any problems with the PS3 version have been addressed and fixed. Sony tech. was there to help.
  • The euphoria engine goes as far as Niko actually stepping up onto a curb and onto a dead body (think Captain Morgan's pose).
  • Shots can penetrate some walls.
  • Knife: "one slash across the face was enough to drop a bad guy".
  • Firetrucks are confirmed. In the preview they state that they set a car on fire, called 911 for a firetruck, and when the firetruck arrived they stole it and drove down the street shooting the water cannon.
Wait, so the PlayStation 3 will get their own form of DLC as well? Am I hearing this right? If it's true, it is great for PlayStation 3 owners. I really can't wait to test this game out, the euphoria engine is going to be great in this game.

[Preview from PSM (US) April 2008 Issue]


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