Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We Admit It: We Want Bully on PlayStation 3

Yeah. With the release of Bully: Scholarship Edition on the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, we are envying their release. We love the graphical improvements made as you can see in the latest GameTrailers comparison, or the preview below. Of course they may not be the best, but we like them.

We would really like to test out the new features that are present in the Scholarship Edition such as those 8 additional stages and 4 additional classes. Yeah, we want to do it in next-gen. Sadly, we cannot. Unless Rockstar releases this on the PlayStation 3 as well as a Regents Scholarship Edition, then we are forced to watch in silence.


xbandaidx said...

Eh...even if it was on PS3, I'd have to pass.

Murphjp said...

I have to disagree with you onaxis. I don't want this game.

onAXIS said...

Meh. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. =]

Anonymous said...

In the PS2 version the kid's pale, ginger, freckly, pig-nose character comes through better. The lighting's obviously improved on 360 but he looks like a bland character from something like Saints Row, just younger.

If a more faithful upgrade was done for PS3, sure that would be great but I've not been impressed with what I've seen of the Scholarship Edition so far.

Anonymous said...

i want it on the ps3 too
but i want them to fix the bugs in the 360 version too so its not crap on ps3

Anonymous said...

From 1UP's Review:

"But despite the interesting narrative and excellent sandbox experience, the 360 package is somewhat spoiled by the less-than-stellar performance of the graphics engine itself. The framerate is erratic and dips every time the game loads a new area. This is particularly noticeable when leaving the confines of Bullworth Academy for the surrounding townships. Another distraction is the inconsistent visual details of the in-game world; while a significant amount of time was obviously spent sprucing up the school campus with high-res textures and models, the rest of the world runs the gambit from merely bland to absolute eyesore. There's also a significant amount of pop-in every time the camera moves quickly around the player. Perhaps worst of all, we had several instances where the game froze midmission, and since you can't save at any moment it sometimes necessitated replaying a significant amount of the game. It's really a shame that these technical problems detract from what is an otherwise outstanding experience."


PS3 Fan said...

I think that Bully would be a huge hit i certainly would buy it. Plus for ps2 it look horrible and it takes forever to load. If it would be made for the ps3 the graphics would be outstanding, it would load quicker, and alot of ps3 fans would probably buy it.

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