Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Intro and Gameplay Leaked [Update: 6 Videos]

A video has been leaked showing the introduction to Grand Theft Auto IV along with the first bit of gameplay. The gameplay shows Niko and his cousin Roman after Niko arrives to the country. If you do not want the gameplay to be spoiled, do not watch. As for us, we already hunger for more. Those who want to download this, you'll find links at the source.

[GTA IV Intro Leaked]

Update: More gameplay can be seen now at the video below. Rockstar is cracking down on the guy who uploaded these, so for your sake we hope you see them. [NeoGAF]

Update: Even more gameplay for us to enjoy! The second video below is the best quality yet.

Update: Another!

Update: They don't stop coming in, there are so many of them.


incredibilistic said...

Nice TV but what's up with the angled view of the screen? More dramatic maybe?

Love the illuminated Wii stand on the side of the TV (why is that in the shot?).

incredibilistic said...

Oh yeah, about the footage. Love how they worked the credits into the game. I'm a sucker for openings of movies and how they choose to put in the obligatory names of all those involved.

Rather than just splash them on the screen Rockstar found a way to integrate them into the opening scene very well.

Although I think the guy controlling the car was drunk too.

Next Tuesday can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I just ruined it for myself but I really don't care anymore. That is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus Christ ets so fuckeen hawt!

Anonymous said...

Totally ruined the beginning of the game for myself .. like I care .. can somebody say "Game of The Year" .. ? ..

Also .. it's the XB version .. cos there's a loading screen when Niko's in the bar .. that won't happen on the PS3 ..

Been waiting 4 years for this another 5 days to go .. I wonder how much more I'll ruin for myself before it lands on my doorsetep ..

Freakin' Awesome .. Yeeaaarrrgghhh

Anonymous said...

I dont know where you heard that there was no load times for the PS3 version, but you are wrong. Go to Youtube and check out the PS3 gameplay vids for yourself

Anonymous said...

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