Monday, April 7, 2008

Home Being Accessed by Non-Beta Members?

Some new footage has appeared on YouTube of PlayStation Home being accessed from the PlayStation Network icon rather than the normal beta accessed through the Game icon. The user who made the video claims he is not in the beta. The video looks legit, but it's odd at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is a new Beta download but I can say for a fact. That I am in the beta and when you first download it it says a few things different. Plus how much MB it takes to download Home is a little more then what is shown.

I will say there is a few things that this has right. But it is from a few patches ago. So need I say more.

incredibilistic said...

Looks legit to me and the path he showed 0.8.3 is legit and is the current build of the beta.

Everything looks in order. I don't get the "I'm not in the beta" part since, to my knowledge, getting into the beta is by invitation only.

Anonymous said...

You can follow a few links and get to a post where instructions on how to replicate this is done.

I recommend people do not do this as it might void their warranty, and screw things up for the eventual release of Home.

xbandaidx said...

Why is it that these kind of videos "ALWAYS" have a shaky camera? For the love of god people, invest in an tripod.

Withnail said...

You guys know about this, right?

Anonymous said...

i have been posting on ps3news and this is the same as with warhawk this will not void anything if anything it will push home to launch if everyones on it already ... but so far the closest anyone but radd* has gotten is being told we cannot access servers. but its fun to solve problems and find out how it all works.
*even ps3news posters are skeptical of him so it may not be 100%

incredibilistic said...

To withnail:
The link is broken. Just getting a black screen with "This content does not exist".

EDIT FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT: I meant to say "patch" not "path".

Honestly, there's nothing going on within Home that's so critical that it should cause people to hack it. You'll just be disappointed at this point as there's little going on. Things will get better but everyone would just be better off if they waited until the public beta or when Sony finally flips the switch for everyone to have it.

incredibilistic said...

One last note, it's interesting that he's able to access Home from both the Game icon as well as the PSN icon.

Right now the only way to access Home is under the Game icon.


Anonymous said...

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