Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: New JeuxVideo Preview Reveals More

A new preview from JeuxVideo revealed some more on the upcoming GOTY, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Lets get to the breakdown.

  • There are cutscenes that last 30+ minutes.
  • Nanomachines play a big role in Metal Gear Solid 4, they contribute in a sense to the change of how war is fought. The author can't be more specific though.
  • All cutscenes are real time.
  • Some cutscenes are controllable. For example: during the briefing in the second mission, you can choose different camera angles.
  • Some graphical elements make the game come to life: birds flying over, cables swaying in the wind, a lot of explosions, etc.).
  • Still a lot of aliasing but nothing serious.
  • Still some framedrops but a lot better than it was at TGS 2007.
  • Explosions, fire and smoke effects are amazing.
  • You really think you are on the battlefield, thanks to the ambiance and sound in the game (a lot of credibility in the environments).
  • Synchronisation in speech not perfect yet, but Kojima promises it will be in the final version.
  • New animations (Snake reaches for his shoulder sometimes because he's in pain), new CQC movements, rolling barrel is a great addition.
  • Solid Eye and MKII have a battery that will autocharge when not in use.


Boberman said...

30+ mins for a cut scene is to long. I sure hope this will be the final one in the game and the rest are 5 mins or less.