Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scott Steinberg Hints at New PlayStation 3 Features

In a new interview with GamePro, Sony Computer Entertainment America PR, Scott Steinberg, hints at a few upcoming PlayStation 3 feautres. He says that Sony hasn't had a big keynote speech yet this year, with everyone expecting a big one at E3 2008. He hints that a movie and music download service may be coming to our PlayStation Stores soon (perhaps as a surprise in the Store revamp?).

He mentions the possibility of more PSone Classics coming to the Store, along with possibly PlayStation 2 games on the Store. Regarding third-party PSone Classics, he says there are "on-going sessions" to get them on the train.

Regarding Home, he says it isn't available to the public yet because they don't want to release it until it meets the publics standards. We'll get it sooner or later.

[Steinberg hints at a few upcoming PS3 features]


incredibilistic said...

Well, at least Sony's talking. Steinberg didn't really say anything of any substance but it's good to know that things like PS2 games and more third-party PS1 are on the way.

What I'd rather hear about is when we can expect to see entitlements/trophies and how Sony intends to trump MS with them.

Anonymous said...


exactly that what I want to know , how Sony intends to trump MS with them?

Anonymous said...

interesting to read this, because just earlier i read a site somewhere that said a rumour that sony are intending on offering at some point a tv download service where people can download hd content and tv episodes etc. would be wicked.

incredibilistic said...

Considering Sony is just as experienced in game and console development they've been in the TV and movie business a lot longer (developed in 1989 after Sony bought Columbia Pictures not to mention the acquisition of MGM in '05). It would only make sense for Sony to eventually get TV shows and movies onto the PS3.

Heck, they were supposed to do it with the PS2. I remember reading about all the partnerships they'd made with AOL and Cisco to bring tons of network content to the PS2. And this about a year or so before the PS2 actually went on sale. What happened with those deals is beyond me but it's obvious Sony's had their mind on the idea of an Xbox-Live service for some time. MS just beat them (and beat them badly) to it.

What bothers me is with all the work done on this prior to the PS3 why does it seem like it's taking so long for Sony to get their sea legs on this particular venture?

I think the biggest problem is the synergy between all the different Sony companies. The PS3 was made from the ground up to be a Bluetooth compatible/capable device. So why do we STILL not have a Playstation branded headset from the group that makes the Ericson phones? Why did MS beat Sony to the movie/TV distribution game? Yes, Sony will need the help of Disney, 20th Century Fox and others (by the way, both of those companies are on the Blu-ray board of directors/founders) but with such a large catalog of music and TV shows all their starting content is a phone call (or heck the next floor up/down) to get started.

I could go on and on but this is probably the longest comment ever so I'll shut up now.

Get it together Sony. Build it and they will come. Keep it fresh and we'll stay forever.

Anonymous said...

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