Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sony Advertises Grand Theft Auto IV: 'meant to be played on the PS3'

In a new campaign paid for by Sony, they advertise Grand Theft Auto IV on Amazon as "Meant to Be Played on the PS3". For some reason, however, the advertisement has been since changed to just "Experience Grand Theft Auto IV on the PS3". We have no idea why if it was paid for. Amazon says Microsoft will do something similar next week.

[Sony promotes GTA4 as 'meant to be played on the PS3' [update]]


incredibilistic said...

Good thing they changed that as it would only fan the fanboy flames even higher since we're DLC-less compared to the 360 version.

Speaking of which, although we're not getting it I'm very curious what Rockstar has in store. Hopefully we won't notice because we'll be too busy playing MGS4, MGO and Haze when it eventually comes out.