Friday, February 1, 2008

Famitstu & Square Enix Discuss Final Fantasy XIII Release Date

Well, Square Enix of North America already denied the rumored 2008 release date of Final Fantasy XIII saying that they were undecided (it could still happen), but it's probably not the same for Japan.

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, decided to call up and ask Square Enix's PR department a few questions about the matter.

Will Final Fantasy XIII be released in 2008?
All the information about that is false and Nomura/Toriyama never said the game will be released during 2008.

What caused that rumor?
The websites overseas probably mistranslated Toriyama when he said the development team is hoping to release a battle system demo in 2008, and "finally get the experience you wanted".

To conclude, what is the current status of Final Fantasy XIII, and when will we hear more information?
The PR department has stated that the progress of all Fabula Nova Crystallis games is going well, and the company always releases new information in events and through the media.

It's good to hear the development is going well. Hopefully soon, they will be able to release an official statement about the games.

[Famitsu interviews S-E PR department regarding FFXIII's rumors]


incredibilistic said...

It would be nice to see this as a Christmas release but something tells me that we'll be waiting until the first few months of 2009 before we see this game in the states. I do, however, think they can pull off a 2008 release in Japan with another 3 to 5 months to translate the game over to English.

Anonymous said...

Dont they do WorldWide releases? I think this game will come out here at the same time it will there. Remember me saying this! I called it!!

incredibilistic said...

No they don't normally do worldwide releases.

FFXI and FFXII were out for about 6 months (or more) before it was released in the states.

Anonymous said...

As an English-European I'm just glad we can all import US releases nowadays.

Anonymous said...

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