Monday, February 11, 2008

NCSoft to Reveal First Console MMO This Year

Chris Chung, the new president of NCSoft, spoke with Wired at the DICE Summit 2008. Chung talked about console MMOs and stated the company should have "something to announce--not only announce but to show--by the second half of this year. I'm pretty psyched about that."

When they talk about console MMOs, they obviously mean the PLAYSTATION 3, due to the fact they have a four game contract with Sony Computer Entertainment.

They could easily port titles like City of Heroes & City of Villains, Guild Wars, or Tabula Rosa. Chung, however, says "that's the wrong way to do it. You have to create a gameplay that's really suitable for the console space, the console experience. I mean, it's very different from PC."

Look forward to hear more about NCSoft's upcoming console MMO in the coming months. On another note though, keep in mind NCSoft is considering its "console specialist," is as the City of Heroes & City of Villains team.

[NCSoft Unveiling First Console Game This Year]


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