Monday, February 11, 2008

PSP: The Design Sony Should of Made a Reality

This PSP redesign was made by BluezPS from Flickr. He is obviously a dedicated PLAYSTATION fan, which you can tell by both his name and redesign.

I wonder how much sales the PSP would of gotten if Sony would of used this design.

[BluezPS' photos]


Anonymous said...

The ridge under the analog sticks would get in the way of your thumbs and possibly dig into your palms at the corners. I like that the controls aren't on a shiny part of the machine so fingerprints don't build up but the PS button (replacing HOME button?) would still have that problem.

The shoulder buttons and analog sticks would still be uncomfortable to use.

I wish Sony would release a mini-B USB bluetooth adapter for the PSP and let you use a PS3 controller when playing at home. A future PSP model would have bluetooth built in and a more comfortable control layout to begin with.

Anonymous said...

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