Saturday, March 15, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Games Aktuell Preview: Multiplayer

The latest issue of German gaming magazine, Games Aktuell, revealed some new information about Grand Theft Auto IV and it's multiplayer modes. Lets take a look, the translation are a bit rough, however.

  • If Nico Bellic just not moving, then it only scratches on the head, then on the arm - and finally in step.
  • When you run over pedestrians, blood stains remain on the hood.
  • At various points, there is swab cleaning the ground forces.
  • A beer in Liberty City is called Piss Water.
  • Taxi novel means Bellic Novel Enterprises.
  • The soundtrack will be announced shortly.
  • The Soundabmischung is optimized for surround-there are many bi-directional effects.
  • Police, taxis, ambulances and Co. can be easily accessed by mobile phone.
  • Niko's cellphone is the popular Sony Ericsson W800i.
  • Niko can climb over normal fences and barbed wired fences.
  • Niko will fly through the front window as it cracks when he hits something while going really fast in the car.
  • If your driving drunk for a number of hours, the screen will blur.
  • On the Brooklyn Bridge, the toll is five dollars. If your driving in the police car, the cost will be less.
  • If you are a taxi driver, there is a bonus, he expresses more on the Tube.
  • There is nearly no difference in graphics between singeplayer (story mode) and multiplayer.
  • In some missions, you can use the police radio.
  • The game's Airport is Francis International Airport like in Grand Theft Auto III.
After this they went onto multiplayer. They've played Death Match and Mafia Work only. All of the game modes are either against men as well as a team against another team, with up to 8 teams and a maximum of 16 players allowed. Liberty City in multiplayer mode looses none if it's fascination, the city is almost the same as it is shown in story mode.

When they were playing Mafia Work, they explained that each player on each team had a cell phone with the same job to complete. Who ever does the job first gets the win. It seems as if you can call the police on other players if they are stealing a car. The host of the game gets to select the police involvement, transportation available, pedestrians, friendly fire on or off, the time of day, weather, and arms supply of the match.

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