Saturday, March 15, 2008

New KILLZONE 2 Trailer Was Not Shown at Live 2008

When Three Speech posted a list of the games at the Live event at Wembley Stadium, KILLZONE 2 was one of them marked with trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer shown was an the same trailer from before.

A Sony PR spoke on this saying "SCEA very rarely brings software to someone else's event. Typically, we create an event and invite media/consumers to play the various products."

[New Killzone 2 trailer nonexistent at Live]


incredibilistic said...

Even though they said it would show up there I guess it's not the top tier event you use to show off new footage only to have it overshadowed by something else.

But we're coming up on nearly a full year since we've seen anything from this title so we're all chomping at the bit for something new.

Anonymous said...

Was anybody surprised? It sure feels like they are never going to show anything, its getting really disappointing to see they cant even show a new trailer, even like a lot of people mention, a better quality of the old one.

Anonymous said...

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