Friday, March 14, 2008

PSM 3's April 2008 "The Insider" Rumors

The latest issue of PSM3's rumor section has some interesting rumors from 'the man who knows too much'.

- In-game XMB will be coming, but not for a few more months.
- He says to except a big announcement involveing Home, including information the the trophies/accomplishments that everyone has been wanting.
- A sequel to a popular Xbox 360 title will be received soon, making it's first appearance on PlayStation 3 (before Xbox 360), and states it's not Lost Planet. Perhaps Dead Rising 2?
- He suggests that the big announcements of 2008 will for the most part not come in the form of games but in the form of PlayStation Store surprises, firmware, and PlayStation Network functionality.
- Ubisoft are to make some big announcements during their Ubi Days even this May in Paris. His tips include Alive, Assassins Creed 2, and Prince of Persia.
All these rumors sound great. Knowing Capcom though, I do not think that PlayStation 3 sequel to the Xbox 360 game will be Dead Rising 2. Any other suggestions?

[Rumour: Some interesting rumour’s from UK magazine, PSM3’s ‘The Insider’]


Anonymous said...

Time-exclusive Dead Rising 2 would be godlike, make it a year and we're even Capcom. :) First game is still the best game on 360 IMO.

Check these new WipEout HD screens out:


Anonymous said...

Im 90% sure that this sequel will be Bioshock 2.

Anonymous said...

gears of war 2, seeing how ut3 is out for ps3 before the 360.. it chould happen.

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