Friday, March 21, 2008

Rock Band In-Game Store Launches

The new Rock Band patch that includes the in-game store and faster loading of downloadable content was just released today. The new patch should be a 30-second download allowing users to use the new in-game store, showing us previews of songs and difficulty levels for each song, and load up our downloadable content much faster.

If you own the game, load up that disc and get that update!


incredibilistic said...

Judging from the screenshot of the Rock Band store I'd say that you got this from N'Gai Croal's article about how Harmonix managed to get screens of the new storefront from the 360 version but failed to get screens of the PS3 version until N'Gai actually requested them.

He dug in there for us.

I feel proud that he actually responded back to my comments I left last night (I go MrBlu some times so my "incredibilistic" name is all over the place; chalk it up to being paranoid... but now everyone here knows too so... oh well, so much for my secret identity).

Read N'Gai's article here:

Anonymous said...

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