Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rock Band Patch Adding In-Game Music Store

A new patch for Rock Band will be releasing soon with some new features. The most noticable addition for the Rock Band patch is that there will be a new in-game music store. The full list of updates below.

  • Increased diversity in Band World Tour song selection.
  • Improved phoneme recognition
  • Microphone latency on PS3 improved.
  • Faster loading of DLC
Some of the new pictures reveal that they plan on releasing full rock albums as downloadable content.

[Rock Band patch adds in-game store]


incredibilistic said...

Looks like Rock Band beat SingStar in having an online music store attached to a game.

At first SingStar was innovative but after this update it'll be old hat. Although SingStar was first to have such a feature it won't look like that to the general public.

What's worse is that Rock Band will get constantly updated each week and will get better with full-blown albums in the pipeline. Meanwhile SingStar in the UK continues to struggle. Let's hope they have all the kinks worked out by the time they release it here in the states.

What surprises me is that company that's responsible for the Walkman and has Micheal Jackson in its stable of artists has trouble with licensing issues. With Sony's long history in the music business SingStar seems like a no-brainer but instead it's a huge disappointment... so far.

Anonymous said...

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