Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rockstar to Release "Major Sequel" in 2009

From the Take-Two Interactive Conference Call, Rockstar told Gamasutra that they are going to be releasing at least one major sequel in 2009.

Asked where Rockstar might be headed now that production of Grand Theft Auto IV was winding down, company execs said that in addition to the Xbox 360 downloadable content expected in both Q4 of this year and in 2009, the company would be releasing “at least one major sequel in 2009,” though no further details were given beyond saying the game would be a “triple A sequel.”

[Take-Two financials: “Major” Rockstar sequel for 2009]


incredibilistic said...

Besides Midnight Club and Bully what else does Rockstar have up their sleeve?

It obviously won't be GTA.

Anonymous said...

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