Saturday, April 12, 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Blues

The past week, I've picked up my copy of Final Fantasy VII to actually finish the game. So far I'm about 20 hours in on Disc 2 and over-leveled (that way, bosses are easier). I'm not going to go into any details, except I will mention I'm just entering The Crater and looking for Sephiroth. While playing the game, I realized how much better "the best RPG ever made" would be if it were remade on the PlayStation 3. The thought in my mind that it is extremely possible and the best move that Square Enix can make (possibly after XIII & Versus XIII) but they have no plans on doing so (at least, any announced plans) drives me mad.

You know, when we open the new site (that starts with an "S"), we may add a section to the site just for Final Fantasy VII. Thats how much we love it.


BlackIceJoe said...

I can't wait until the new site. Also will this new site also have things about Nintendo and Microsoft or will it stay only with Sony.

Also I think you should have more ads on your site. This way you get more money to keep your site up. Because the world would be a darker place with out your web site.

onAXIS said...

Thanks BlackIceJoe, we really appreciate that comment. We would love to include more ads, but we do not want to overflow the site with ads such as many other sites do. We still have the two base ads, one up top and the one on the side, we may add one on the bottom as well.

jam said...

We should all start flooding Square Enix with FFVII PS3 Remake emails. Piss them off enough to the point where they remake it just to shut us up.

Shibbs said...

I have no rejections to a FFVII section lol, beaten every game in the series, absolutely love it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Estuans interius
Ia vehementi
Estuans interius
Ia vehementi


C'ESt LE MEILLEUR JEU DU MONDE.JE l'adore, que de bon souvenir.tinquiete pas ils feront une suite, man.I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY AGAIN AND NOW, but i must to play MGS 1,2,3..before MGS4 guns of patriots.i like your blog, man !!good job.ciao

Chadness said...

I'd be 100% for a PS3 (or even PSP) remake of FFVII. Let's hope it happens sometime down the line. Its not my favorite FF, but its still a great game.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to the new site. ;)

JGuitarist said...

Square-Enix will eventually remake FFVII. I mean, think of the remake financially. If they don't remake it, they'd lose a bunch of money from the gamers that are will to buy it (which is plenty).

Anonymous said...

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