Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PlayStation Network: Get With the Community

Okay, so we have a "super sexy super awesome super chocolaty fudge coated mega" PlayStation Store redesign now. Once those slow images are fixed, it will be almost perfect (besides the lack of a text scroll through functionality, or at least a way to see the titles without having to hover over the images, maybe it is just me).

Head over to Xbox Live for a second (yes, we are comparing), and you'll see plenty of community content from the likes of GameTrailers TV, Major League Gaming, and more. Every night, when an episode of GameTrailers TV airs, it will soon go live on Xbox Live and available for download. How great would that be for the PlayStation Network as well? Not just GameTrailers TV, but other things such as G4 Community Content, bring in fan site community content (maybe onAXIS will do) as well. As long as it is from the community, it will help create an even bigger one.

Feel free to share your comments.


Anonymous said...

Now that you say it, I'd love to download every new episode of Gametrailers TV. They always have so many exclusives and I'm usually asleep by 1am. Watching it on the site isn't so good as well.

incredibilistic said...

Hopefully things like this will be commonplace once Sony starts offering video downloads.

I've said this before but I think Sony's issue is that they don't talk to one another but maybe that's changing. I really HOPE that's the case but when you think about Sony having so many divisions in music, movies and television, having a service that offers all of this and more seems like a no-brainer. But for some reason we're still waiting for this to come about.

I'm trying to remain optimistic but it's just sad that a non-entertainment company can have so many connections to entertainment while Sony seems to be playing catch-up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that would really entertaining. Then I would have a reason to call it the Playstation 3 Computer "Entertainment" System.

Anonymous said...

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