Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Official PlayStation Magazine Insider Whispers for May 2008

The latest issue of The Official PlayStation Magazine UK has released today, featuring that Grand Theft Auto IV review (10/10 baby). Lets look at the smaller things now, the 'Insider Whispers'.

- Bite-sized episodic gaming will be hitting the PlayStation Store “before the end of the year”. I guess that means Rat Race.
- Heavenly Sword 2 will feature a male lead and will take place ten years after the original (as long as Kai is still involved and we are still able to play ‘twing-twang’).
- In-Game XMB should be arriving in the summer.
- Ready at Dawn, the now expert PSP developer, is now working on a PlayStation 3 title.
- “The bizarre Linger In Shadows, complete with flying dogs and deadly black smoke, will be a PSN download”

I'd much want in-game XMB before summer, but I guess they are doing what they can.

[Heavenly Sword 2, XMB and more rumours from the Official Magazine]


xbandaidx said...

A male lead in HS2? Bad choice. Seriously, we have enough males, we need more females. As much as HS failed so bad (seriously, no jump button?) having a male will make it worse, we already have GoW for that.

Kai was really the ONLY character I liked in the game, I really like her design and behavior.

As for Ready at Dawn doing a PS3 title? Heck yes! The studio is obviously a talented bunch.

Withnail said...

The episodic game might be Siren New Translation. Not sure what happened to Rat Race, but wouldn't be surprised if it got canned.

What a lame set of rumours. I swear they just get this stuff from NeoGAF.

incredibilistic said...

We'll this is almost summer so maybe we're only talking a couple months before in-game XMB is ready.

I could give a rat's rectum about the "Linger in Shadows" download.

Maybe if you're able to move the camera or interact in some way they can keep it.

Anonymous said...

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