Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PlayStation Store Revamp: What We Hope to See

The new PlayStation Store is coming in two weeks, and Jeff Rubeinstein says a video of it in use is coming soon, hopefully sometime this week.

Now is the part of the day where we tell you what we want to see in this new PlayStation Store. Lets get this started.

TV Shows, Movies, Adverts
Since speculation began on the new store, two rumors have appeared on this. The first came from the Destination PlayStation conference, just as the store revamp rumor did. It is highley likely that Sony will be including movies, TV shows, and such due to the fact that they own Sony Pictures, meaning they can put up many movies immediately, and they own great shows like The Boondocks, and such. Plus, the main concept here is to be just as good or better than the competitor, no?

Daily Updates, Simultaneous Content Release
Lets face it, Thursday updates just bring weeping and moaning for a better update. If something is in preparation, and is not out by one week, you need to wait seven more days to receive it, while Xbox Live already has it. I'm pretty sure that Sony is going to be tossing out these demos much quicker rather than having to wait. They seem to be taking the store pretty seriously now.

Wallet to Point Conversion
This one probably won't happen. But when you buy an item on the PlayStation Store, you need to pay tax. If you go back and buy another, you'll need to pay tax again. With points, you can just buy the points, paying tax for the points, then just purchase everything with the points, not having to pay tax for each item. Just my opinion, may not be the best.

Surprises in 2.30 Update
This has nothing to do with the store, but the store is coming in the 2.30 update. Hopefully Sony will toss in another surprise such as more PlayStaiton Network functionality like Game Invites, 100+ friendlist, more or custom avatars, or an enhanced profile.


xbandaidx said...

I think the points idea is a HORRIBLE idea. I absolutely hate anything that involves you buying points. On the Wii for example, you could end up having 100-300 points sitting there that can't be used because the cheapest item is 400, so that means you have to pay even MORE money for something.

If Sony were to implement that, and take out the current method, I won't be buying anything from PSN anymore. To me that 100-300 sitting there is worthless and a waste of money.

incredibilistic said...

I agree, I think points is just as bad as going to Dave & Busters and buying a card that you load up in order to play games. Problem is that all the games have unbalanced points like 26 points to play a racing game and 18 points to play a shooting game.

I might be wrong on the denomination (I haven't been there in a few months) but you get the idea. If you go to a 7-11 and buy a Big Gulp then turn around and buy a pack of gum you're going to pay tax twice. Big deal. That's the America we live in.

As xbandaidx said, I think you'll end up buying a huge stash of points only to have the "money" sit idle while you charge up your account with more points. And I'm sure it'll be like putting a dollar into a change machine and getting 3 quarters. Meanwhile everything costs 4 quarters. So what do you do, you put in another dollar, spend the 4 quarters and you're left with 3 again. And the cycle continues.

As for the other things, well, we ALL agree that updates should be more often than once a week. I'd settle for twice a week. I think daily is pushing it. If Sony can pack each Thursday with tons of content then once a week will be okay but I'm talking TONS of content. Otherwise, yes, more than once a week would be way better.

Anonymous said...

The tax you pay when you buy the points means you are already paying tax on each item you buy with those points. 10% tax of 100$ is the same as 10 times 10% tax on 10$.
So the point system wouldn't change anything regarding tax

NyghtcrawleR said...

Yeah I dont really know what the whole argument for tax is here because no matter how you see it or purchase it, the tax isnt going to change. You'll pay just as much now or later. Points really make no sense to have.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know not all States make you pay Tax. I have bought over ten game so far and have not had to pay tax yet. Unless this is a new feature I have not seen this yet.

Anonymous said...

No tax for Michiganders!!!

Anonymous said...

Having Boondocks on the PS store would rock!

Anonymous said...

that tax shit is true tho

i live in pa and if i want to buy a 4.99 game then i gotta put 10 bucks on my card because it will come out to like 5.12

then ima have 4.88 left over an if i want another 5 dollar game later then igotta add another 5

if i could just buy say 1000 points for ten bucks and use 500 points on each game then im only payin like 10.15

Anonymous said...

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