Friday, February 8, 2008

Activision: No Problems Developing for PLAYSTATION 3

Activision stated today that it has no problem developing on the PLAYSTATION 3 as other companies like Electronic Arts claim.

Michael J. Griffith, president and CEO of Activision's Publishing Unit, said during a conference call today:

“What you are seeing with many publishers is they are unable to simultaneously develop and launch on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Instead, they develop and release one SKU at a time or they simply don’t release a PS3 SKU at all. Call of Duty 4 represents the best-in-class next-generation development, making it the number one selling title of all time on the PS3.

“Over the past year, our central technology group has created a proprietary set of tools for next-gen development that has enabled our developers to address the challenging PS3 architecture in efficient ways. Our tools allow us to identify performance bottlenecks in the PS3 and focus our effort in a targeted way to improve performance that would otherwise without these tools simply be a trial-and-error approach.”
During the call, Activision also lined up games like Guitar Hero IV and Call of Duty 5 for their fiscal 2009.

[Activision: PS3 Development Not a Problem]


incredibilistic said...

Take THAT EA!!!

I love it when developers actually talk about ways to make games on the PS3 without a problem.

EA makes the PS3 out to be a piece of crap because their programmers suck and they're just not trying.

Good on ya' Activision. CoD5 will probably pwn most every other game on the market but I'm hoping that Killzone 2 will be as good if not better than CoD4.

Anonymous said...

Still disappointing that the language used makes it sound like performance bottlenecks are unique to PS3. Every system has bottlenecks that need to be overcome.

The graphical performance achieved in a multi-platform game like CoD4 speaks for itself. It's Infinity Ward's first PS3 game and their second 360 game.

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