Friday, February 8, 2008

Rumor: Grand Theft Auto IV's Multiplayer & Mini-Game Details

We love rumors, especially when they are as good as this. The new site for Grand Theft Auto IV has launched today (view new screens and videos here), and the internet is jumping with Grand Theft Auto IV fever.

However, the site doesn't reveal any details on the game's multiplayer, but only teases us by saying "Coming Soon." A trusted source has stated some of the names of the game's multiplayer modes, and the title's mini-games as well.

Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer mode will be deep. It will include deathmath, team play, and some ranked cooperative missions. Some other modes include "Deal Breaker," "Bomb da Base," and one called "Hangman's Noose". Sadly, no details were revealed on those three.

The mini-games to be included in Grand Theft Auto IV are games like darts, bowling, and pool. There will also be a min-game called QUB3D as well.

When Rockstar confirms these details, we will update. However, Destructoid assures us their source if highly credible.

[Rumortoid: Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer, mini-game details]


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