Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost Planet Demo: The Pain in the Ass [Update #2]

Original Post 2/7/08 9:14 PM: If anybody has downloaded the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition demo as I have, then you are probably not playing it yet. The demo has been receiving a huge connection error, as you can probably tell by visiting forums such as NeoGAF and GameTrailers.

The game rooms always say they are full (sometimes when there is 1/8 people), you get a connection error, or you join but the game doesn't start. What is the problem? We will be contacting Capcom to see whats going on.

Update 2/7/08 9:47 PM: We've got a response from Capcom. A simple "Working on it…" tells a lot: They are working on it.

Update 2/8/08 9:45 PM: Chris Kramer, the man I spoke with in the e-mail, has updated us on the PlayStation.Blog that the Lost Planet: Extreme Condition demo is being temporarily taken down from the PlayStation Store. They are going to fix the problems and get it back online as fast as possible.


incredibilistic said...

After playing CoD4 this game just runs too slow and too cryptic with it's 90-degree angle button.

I'm tempted to delete it.

Anonymous said...

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