Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Agency: Cross-Platform Play Not So Likely

The Agency is coming out on the PLAYSTATION 3 and the PC, but it will probably sell more on the PLAYSTATION 3 side. It seems as although, The Agency will probably not have PS3-PC cross-platform play as gamers anticiptated.

They that players on the PC may an advantage when playing against a PLAYSTATION 3 player. Sony Online Entertainment's CEO, John Smedley, affirms this, saying, "Would the mouse player have a unique advantage? Would we have to make the auto-aiming system on the console a lot better to compensate for that? That would take some of the skill element away on the console."

You will still be able to log in to the PC with your PLAYSTATION 3 character though. They are still trying out cross-platform play, but its not looking to good.

[Cross-platform play not so likely for The Agency]


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