Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sony Testing Out New PLAYSTATION Network Site?

Some of the members of NeoGAF have discovered whats probably a new official PLAYSTATION Network site. The images you see on the left and right are from the Home and Main pages of the site. The link is [] but it seems they've taken it offline for the time being. When we get an update, we will let you know. Oh yeah, the member states the site makes a reference to in-game XMB. GDC is right around the corner people.

[NeoGAF: Find 1 & Find 2]

Edit: For those who want to view the page, which now directs to the PLAYSTATION Home GDC 2007 video, you can view Google's cached page here and here is the Home page.


Eddie said...

on the second screenshot near the bottom, it looks like the PSN is coming to the PSP, hopefully not just the PSP-2000

Anonymous said...

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