Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Pre-Orders Beating 360's 2 to 1?

An article appeared today stating that the pre-orders for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV are outnumbering the pre-orders of the Xbox 360's 2 to 1.

"It seems that GTA fever is hitting the PS3 world a heck of a lot stronger than Microsoft’s bulky console, with pre-orders at one particular store placing the PS3 iteration ahead by a factor of exactly 2 to 1.

With launch a mere 76 days away, its little surprise that gamers are getting their names down to be assured of a copy of the latest in Rockstar’s sublime series come launch day. Pretty safe to say it’s going to be a popular one really.

Want to hear some actual figures to back up these claims? Well, so far pre-orders for the PS3 stand at a huge 2, while the Xbox 360 languishes at a pitiful single unit.

Oh come on, it’s a bit of bloody humour so don’t start getting abusive or anything. It IS true however that the PS3 version has indeed been enquired about a little more than the 360 version. And pre-order figures are exactly double, so that provocative headline is quite true. Love you all in advance. "
Whether this is true or not is unsure, so as for now, we will treat it as a rumor.

[Rumor: PS3 orders outnumber XBOX 2:1?]


bronxbomber2313 said...

This is realy wierd and surprising if true. You woould think that because there are way more 360 owners then ps3 owners plus the fact that the 360 version has the exclusive bonus content, that the 360 version would have more preorders then the ps3 version. Maybe 360 owners don't care about gta as much as playstaion fans do?

Anonymous said...

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