Monday, February 4, 2008

Devil May Cry 4's Accomplishments Show Home Connection

PS3Fanboy are some of the lucky bastards (jay kay) who got their hands on Devil May Cry 4 already, and they've been playing through it for a while.

This game includes the Xbox 360's achievement's in it as well, but the PLAYSTATION 3 version has an online ranking in the game that you can check. The weird thing is that when you get an "Accomplishment", the message comes up out of the PLAYSTATION 3's operating system.

Could this be one of the first games with Home's trophies incorporated in them? Hopefully we will find out soon.

[DMC4 accomplishments are intriguing]


incredibilistic said...

If this is what pops up every time an achievement is earned (or Trophy or whatever they want to call it) then I'm horribly disappointed.

With the 360 a little doo-dad shows up the at the bottom of the screen with a cool little animation. If the entire screen goes black (or is even transparent with the action in the background) it's going to suck. The 360 version doesn't get in the way of the action or distracts you so much that you even notice you've earned something. I like the fact that I'm getting notified that I've earned something but they have to do better than this.

I'd almost not have ANYTHING earned points if it's going to look like this.

Anonymous said...

They should make it like the notifications when you receive a message.

Anonymous said...

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