Monday, February 4, 2008

Japan Is Hating on PlayStation Home

We can pretty much say that mostly everyone here is interested in Sony's upcoming Home, right? It may not be the same in Japan. In the most recent issue of the Famitsu magazine, they quizzed readers on their thoughts of Home. The question was "What do you think about member services like PlayStation Home?" The results:

- 27.3 percent are interested in trying it out
- 37.3 percent don't care
- 35.4 percent dislike such services
One high-schoool student even left a quote in the magazine, and a college student, and company man as well.
A high-school student says "I won't allow myself to be trapped in some fake reality." A 22-year-old college student: "It just doesn't look like it'd be fun as a game." A 24-year-old company guy says "It's more fun to enjoy myself in the real world."
Why all the hate Japan?

[Some Totally Hatin' on PlayStation Home]


NyghtcrawleR said...

Thats because in general the Japanese are not into online gaming. Online gaming is more of a Western fascination and Home is definitely geared more towards this.

incredibilistic said...

While I think Home can still be successful in Japan it will never be more successful than it will be in the US.

The fact that the DS is arguably the best selling gaming system in that country should tell you that they're all about being outside. Even if they do have their faces buried in Brain Age they still like being out and about. It's a different culture.

This is a country where LAN bars are about as popular as Ruby Tuesday's are here in the states.

ns said...

the japanese have a much different social structure. lol, but i can say that the gamers whole like facebook will now practically live on Home... i duno if that's nething to be proud of though. i'm much looking forward to home. i just hope they use it in the way i'm thinking about it in my head, or better. home can truly be great.

Anonymous said...

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