Monday, February 4, 2008

PLAYSTATION 3 Version of Devil May Cry 4 Requires 20 Minute Install

The PLAYSTATION 3 version of Devil May Cry 4 is arriving tomorrow, but does come with a feature we may not want. The PLAYSTATION 3 version comes with a non-optional 5GB install to the hard-drive so that the game has no load times.

Whats even worse is the length of this install, which was clocked at about 21 minutes and 41 seconds. The game's load times were only about three seconds faster than that of the 360's with this install.

Capcom, it's time to release a patch, we don't want this install.

[PS3 Devil will make you CRY with 20 min install time]


Anonymous said...

Maybe now the install is saving the files and extensions the PS3 needs so that when Home arrives, your achievements or whatever they will be called can be auto sync to Home. If you remember this game has achievements for both the 360 and PS3.

Anonymous said...

I guess I played PC games for too long; I can't understand actually complaining about a 20 min install.

Anonymous said...

IGN review:

"No, the edge comes in the fact that the PS3 installs a large amount of game files to the hard drive, dramatically reducing load times between stages and cinematics. I've timed the game on both systems numerous times, and each time has been consistently in the PS3's favor. Transitions to gameplay from starting menus are relatively close, frequently within half a second or so of each other, but when you're loading up a cutscene or having another pause in the action, the 360's times are easily three times that of the PS3."

Are you seriously trying to tell me people are that impatient that they won't do something else for 21 minutes so they can enjoy the game more while they're actually playing it?

Sure, we'd love every game to install small sections at a time and stream from the HDD like Uncharted but this is still better than longer loadtimes while you play.

ns said...

i don't think it has nething to do with a patch... although i'm not too thrilled with the idea of filling up 5GB of data on my HD for one game.. it's only a one time thing

incredibilistic said...

Yuck! 5GB. That's a good amount of space being taken up.

I still have over 25GB left on my 60GB and I'm sure I could free up some stuff I just got rid of a few demos I'm still holding onto (like the original Gran Turismo HD demo and others) so I can deal with it.

What I can't deal with is if the load times are only marginally better than the 360. That would suck. But according to the post above it seems that the load times are indeed different.

Hope so.

Anonymous said...

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