Thursday, March 13, 2008

1UP/EGM's Bryan Intihar Joins Insomniac Games

Bryan Intihar, the guy who said that Left 4 Dead was going to come the PlayStation 3, has left the 1UP Network on March 6, 2008. Instead, now he's joined up with Insomniac Games, developer of the Resistance & Ratchet series, as Community Manager. He mentions he's going to be a regular on their Full Moon Podcast as well. Congratulations Bryan!

[Now it's time to say goodbye...]


incredibilistic said...

1Up is going to crap. I'm not sure where she went but there was a girl that was one of the key producers of the 1Up Show and since her departure the show hasn't been the same since. It's still pretty good but the little acted moments in between aren't as clever as before.

It doesn't help that Ziff Davis just filed for Chapter 11, which could also mean the destruction of EGM. I've been reading EGM for more than 15 years (probably closer to 20) and can still remember the first issue I ever bought.

As much as I love up-to-the-second news from sites like OnAxis and others I still like sitting on the can pinching a loaf and reading a great article the old-fashioned way.

I guess magazines are getting harder and harder to justify. It'll be a sad day when EGM has to print its final pages. There's still other great mags out there like Play and Edge but EGM is kind of a staple in the industry.

Anyway, glad to see one of the 1Up greats join up with a great company.

Anonymous said...

He should help de-geekify the podcast a bit. :D

The Full Moon Show is already great but it's best when there's plenty of game info and LAUGHTER. Bryan should help strike that balance more frequently.

Anonymous said...

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