Thursday, March 13, 2008

Home User-generated Content Is the "Holy Grail" says Home Team

PlayStation Home Creative Director, Ron Festejo says that user-generated content will be the "Holy Grail" for Home. They will include tools to assist us making our own content, and they hope to provide more involving tools as time goes on.

As for moderation for these creations, Festejo spoke. "We've got some moderation tools in there where you can report people, but I think we've got to do this in baby steps - see how people react to the clothing that we give them, and we're working with partners to provide a huge variety, to appeal to different types of people," Festejo said.

[User-generated content the "Holy Grail," says Home team]


Shibbs said...

Swwwweeeet, I can get my armani on lol.

incredibilistic said...

When they say users can create things I wonder if they'll ever give users the ability to create custom spaces for others to visit.

Either way getting users into the mix will really bring Home alive. Of course it could also be a dumping ground for garbage and uninspired designs but like most anything the best will rise to the top.

Anonymous said...

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