Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Features: Saturday Appointments & Slow-Mo Driving

MTV Multiplayer has revealed two new features for Grand Theft Auto IV. Those features are "Days of the Week" and "Slow-Mo Driving".

The Days of the Week feature basically means Grand Theft Auto IV has it's days of the week (unconfirmed if seven). All we know so far is that it has Thursdays and Saturdays. No seasons or months, although.

A RockStar PR explained that in a mission titled "The Final Interview", Niko Bellic has to assassinate a lawyer. You apply for the job from one of the game's internet cafes, and your called into an interview only on Saturday. Any other day of the week, Niko cannot access this.

The other feature is Slow-Mo Driving, meaning you can drive slowly in the game even while driving fast. The game will borrow from Max Payne and Burnout and let you ride the whip in slow-motion. We have no idea why this feature was added, but any new feature is a good one.

[‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Surprise Features: Saturday Appointments And Slow-Mo Driving]