Saturday, March 8, 2008

EA Games Has Two Unannounced IPs In Development

In a new interview with Todd Sitrin of Electronic Arts, he talks about his job, global marketing, what EA Games is currently doing, and such. One thing he says, however, stands out the most.

When asked "It's always good to see IPs", Sitrin rersponded "Absolutely, we actually have 3 new original IPs in development, the only one that’s been announced is Facebreaker, we haven’t done an original IP at EA for several years, not since back to Freekstyle Motorcycle."

Two unannounced IPs? Nothing to do about this now but wait till they are announced. Or hack their servers and find out myself. No, I'm just joking.

[Interview - Todd Sitrin Vice President of Global Marketing for EA Sports]


Anonymous said...

Anyone tell me, What is IP?
What is the significance?

Anonymous said...

an Ip is like Ratchet n clank is an IP, god of war is an IP, its like a series

Anonymous said...

Ok, but what is the exact meaning of IP?

What I mean is...What is the translation? Which are original word?

imgoingtomakeyoubald said...

I may be way off here, but I take IP to stand for Intellectual Property.

Anonymous said...

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