Saturday, March 8, 2008

HAZE Interview: Delay Reasons, Hardest Factor, More

In a new interview, Strategy Informer's Mike Bowden spoke with Projeect Lead for Free Radical's upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, HAZE, Derek Littlewood.

He spoke on the reason for the delay, which was basically that they wanted to deliver more. If they shipped Christmas, they wouldn't have been able to give us all the feautres of the game. The extra time they received to refine and polish it puts the game into the right position.

They've been polishing the core aspects of the game as much as they could. They've been balancing out multiplayer modes, and factions of the game. They state the result is a balance that, with an earlier release date, would not have been possible.

Littlewood states that the hardest part of developing the game was making it stream. That means you won't see a single loading screen from start to finish of the game.

He speaks on all the multi-platform speculation, saying that it is just speculation. He said people shouldn't get angry with the developmet team because it's on one console. It's unfair.

Read the full interview at the link below.

[HAZE Interview] [Thanks xbandaidx!]